“I’m writing to send you a heartfelt thank you for all the knowledge and wisdom I’ve received from you. You have really been instrumental in enabling and enhancing my understanding of life’s big questions. We all owe a huge debt to Maharishi, and I will never forget that. But I also owe a substantial debt to you, for patiently answering my endless questions, and for your books. It really has helped me to get my head around some difficult issues. And you’ve helped hundreds of others in the same way.”

‘Very many thanks from me, everyone who was at the weekend, and the Inner Yoga Trust, for your wonderful teaching at Earth Spirit last weekend. It was a privilege for us all to learn from your wide and deep knowledge. I think we will all feel the effects of your teaching in our practice for a long time to come. Everyone I spoke to really enjoyed the weekend and got a lot from your teaching’
Inner Yoga Foundation